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Welcome to 60 second session, the fast and easy way to get information on how to take better care of yourself.

Our topic for today is how to spot a STROKE. The acronym BEFAST is an easy way to remember the main warning signs of a stroke.

B is for BALANCE – Are you suddenly having trouble walking or losing your balance?

E is for EYES – signs are trouble seeing or sudden changes in vision

F is for FACE – which can manifest as a sudden weakness or numbness of the face or drooping of eyelid on one side

A is for ARMS – look for weakness or numbness in an arm or on one side of the body

S is for SPEECH – are you suddenly having trouble speaking or having slurred speech?

T is for TIME – a STROKE is a medical emergency! Call 911 if you experience any one of the BEFAST symptoms and make sure to write down the time the symptom started.  

See you next time and remember to always make “self-care” your #1 priority.

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