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January 16, 2024 - by angelsheart - in MyTryb Wellness Articles

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Although Christmas has passed, it’s never a bad time to consider how else you can treat the elderly folks in your life. It’s important to make them feel equally as important as everyone else all throughout the year by presenting them with something thoughtful that they can utilize in their daily lives. These can be used for any special occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, or even just because. There are plenty of things they may not even consider necessary, but will learn to love as time goes on.

Here are some options (to name a few):

Heated Blanket

A classic gift. Rather than opting for a regular blanket, you may find that a heated blanket will suffice more for the elderly.  It not only provides warmth, but can soothe aching muscles. Especially for those who have poor circulation and easily catch a chill, a heated blanket is an easy fix that saves them from having to bundle up quite as much. It’s best to purchase one with a timer that shuts the device off after a certain amount of time, just to be sure nothing goes awry with anyone who struggles with memory or technology. 

Amazon Kindle or Audiobooks

Reading new books is not always the most accessible for elderly people as it requires going to a store or library and endlessly browsing through books in person. With a Kindle or a subscription to an audiobook service, they can easily find novels, memoirs, or any other publication they want without having to leave the comfort of their home. Engaging with this material also doubles to keep their mind sharp and clear as they intake new information that isn’t restricted to the newspaper or novels they already own.

Foot/Back Massager

This is perhaps a given because everyone in truth wants a massager of their own. It’s worth noting, however, because the relief it can provide the elderly is severely understated. If the recipient in question isn’t particularly ambulatory, this may help them at least loosen and engage muscles they don’t often get to use. Plus, who doesn’t like a good massage?

Candle Warmer

Perfect for anyone who loves lighting candles but doesn’t want a fire risk in an elderly owned home. These typically come in the form of lamps and use a bulb or heating pad to melt wax candles, creating the same effect as if you were to light the wick but without actual fire. It’s very easy to use and switch off while maintaining another source of light in the room. With this, even if someone were to forget to switch it off, there wouldn’t be any overt danger. Thus, the house can still get that nice candle smell and ambiance.

Warm Sweater/Thick Robe

Regardless of the weather outside, some elderly people have trouble regulating their body temperature and as a result run colder than usual. Providing them with something cozy to wear specifically for when they’re lounging is something we’re sure they’ll appreciate. 

A Nice Dinner

Something as simple as cooking dinner for the elderly in your life can make a huge, heartfelt difference as a gift. Quality time is arguably the best thing for some people to receive, especially if they’ve been feeling isolated from others due to health issues. Making someone their favorite meal and sharing it with them is a form of care that remains underrated. This is perhaps one of the more tedious suggestions, but definitely a cost effective and unique one. 

Obviously these are only a few of the endless options out there. At the end of the day, you know the recipient and their tastes best. If none of these are necessarily their style, we hope it’s at least a place to start. Have a safe, happy, and healthy year!

Article by: Ryshel Constantino

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