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February 24, 2024 - by angelsheart - in MyTryb Wellness Articles

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The month of February marks a very special occasion for our company and the healthcare industry as a whole. February 16 is National Caregivers Day. 

For those who have had experience with a caregiver for yourself or a loved one, it is an apt time – as is everyday of the year, honestly – to show them appreciation for the work they do. This isn’t restricted to people you’ve hired, either. Anyone, friend or family, who takes time out of their day to provide care is a caregiver in their own right. The act of ensuring a better quality of life for someone in need is sometimes a thankless one, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Caregiving at its core is done from a place of selflessness; meaning it’s not something that just anyone can do. It’s an abundance of sacrificed time and energy all for the sake of those in their care, but it’s always done with a sense of contentment knowing that a life has been altered for the better. They become a primary point of contact for many in the elderly/hospice community and that bond is one that should be appreciated and cherished. Their presence is representative of a nurturing experience that not everyone gets with old age.

The acknowledgement of all this effort alone is a great place to start when considering how to thank the caregivers in your life. Letting them know that you see the work they do and the value in it can go a long way, perhaps more than any material gift. So be sure to give them a call or send a message to thank them for their services. Buy them a card or small gift if you feel so inclined. Just make sure that they understand that they’re valued, especially on this day.

And as always, Angels Heart is open and willing to bring more caregivers onto our team. We strive towards providing the best candidates for long-term and hospice care so that families can rest easy knowing their loved ones are in good hands. If you or someone you know wants to join us on this journey, please be sure to contact us!

Happy National Caregivers Day to all! You are our backbone and we thank you for everything you do for others.

Article by: Ryshel Constantino

Images/Photos from Nathan Anderson, Ray Chan, Mikita Yo, Brett Jordan, Centre for Ageing Better

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